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The Canny Man’s is one of the cities finest public houses, well known far and wide for it’s quirky nature and ‘never’ changing décor. Established in 1871 by James Kerr the pub has always been the perfect watering hole for Morningside locals.

The original bars still stand in the same place holding all sorts of trinkets and evidence of people who once drank there. Parts of the original gantry can still be identified and the whole pub is made up of intricate wood work and antiques throughout adding to the charm and intrigue of the well known pub.

The Canny Man’s is actually a nickname for the public house as the pub’s original name is the Volunteer Arms, a traditional name used for bars back in the late 1800’s.

The Canny Man’s is still family run and the history of the pub is dear to us, we love to share some of the stories behind the well known artefacts that have sat within the walls of the pub for longer than we can remember -
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237 Morningside Road,
EH10 4QU

0131 447 1484